Abby Rubenstein
Assistant Instructor

Abby grew up riding and showing horses.  She began working for Pine Trails Ranch during graduate school.  While Abby now works primarily as an Art Professor, she enjoys teaching riding on the weekends.  

Kat Vaughan
Assistant Instructor

Kat has been riding for over 11 years with an emphasis on Jumpers. She competed in the Southern California Jumper Circuit for 3 years with her mare, Reverie, before graduating high school and moving to Davis. She is currently a student at UC Davis majoring in Animal Science with a Specialization in Equine Lameness. Kat uses her training and education to teach riders how to effectively communicate with horses. She enjoys instructing riders of all ages and strives to make riding fun and safe.   

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Megan Lowry
Assistant Instructor

Megan has been riding at Pine Trails for over 15 years. Although Megan is a retired nurse, she spends many of her days helping out at the ranch.  Megan teaches several lessons a week and especially enjoys working with adult students, who appreciate her perspective as a fellow adult rider.  Megan also enjoys riding her horses, Aurora and Roxie.

Roxanne Staves
Assistant Instructor

Roxanne grew up riding has been riding at Pine Trails Ranch for several years.  After finding herself uninspired by an office job, Roxanne decided to turn her passion for riding into a career.  Roxanne loves to teach beginner and intermediate students good fundamentals.  Our younger and more timid students love Roxanne’s calm and engaging teaching style.

Michelle Haseltine
Owner of Pine Trails Ranch
Head Trainer & Instructor

In 1990 Michelle and her husband Matt started 
Pine Trails Ranch. Both had worked in the horse 
industry before starting the ranch and wanted a 
place where riders could go and enjoy horses 
and get a good education without worrying about 
what breed of horse they had and if their saddle 
was the current fashion. Michelle had been 
working with the well respected Morgan horse 
​trainer Tom Simmons and learned a great deal 
from him about working with the horse and 
​unlocking the horse’s full potential while encouraging the horse to enjoy it’s job. Michelle was impressed with how Tom worked patiently with horses and wanted to also be able to teach riders to also enjoy riding while developing great skills and set out to make Pine Trails Ranch a place where that could happen. Michelle began to study biomechanics and how it can be used to make good riding more attainable for all riders.

In her thirties, Michelle was hospitalized with a serious auto immune condition that attacked the nerves in her extremities. She had 85% damage and was told to forget about riding by the doctors. She chose to ignore this and found a doctor who helped get her treatments designed to allow her to work. Her nerves began to heal and she continued to ride. Michelle was very weak initially and developed a unique perspective that allows her to better understand how hard it is for mature riders to develop their riding muscles and balance. Her strength and riding have improved and with the help of trainer John S. Malbos and Chris Scarlet, Michelle has returned to competitive riding.

Michelle’s Specialties Include:
-Hunters, Jumpers & Classical Dressage
-Injury rehabilitation for horse or rider
-Correcting behavioral issues
-Trained & experienced in saddle fitting
-Breeding & Foaling
-Experienced in developing young horses 
​for competitive careers


Kelly Osborn
Office assistant

Kelly graduated from UC Davis as an Animal Science major in 2015 and joined the PTR team in 2016. Kelly has been riding for 16 years, primarily dressage, and had a career in horse training starting young horses to saddle and working with “problem” horses prior to attending UC Davis. Kelly is passionate about animal behavior and training. Kelly now works in the office at PTR and assists in scheduling for our lesson program.

Cole Roblee
Assistant Trainer & Instructor

Cole’s interest in horses evolved from a lifelong interest in animal training.  At the age of 9, he began training dogs, and spent his teenage years raising guide dogs.  In 2008, Cole began horseback riding at Pine Trails Ranch and hasn’t looked back since.  In 2011, he began as a working student at Pine Trails Ranch, where he began to learn about rehabbing horses and starting young horses from Michelle.  Cole worked as an Assistant Riding Instructor at Pine Trails Ranch while studying Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at UC Davis.  Following his graduation in 2015, ​Colette began working full time at Pine Trails Ranch.

Cole is passionate about the Pine Trails Ranch mission and loves working with students and horses.  He enjoys welcoming new people to the world of horses, as well as 
​watching his longtime students develop as riders.  In addition, Cole has been working on developing his own competitive riding.