Pine Trails has a variety of well trained horses of every level in our lesson program.  As most will tell you, every horse teaches you something different. Our horses have been professionally trained to be safe, friendly and fun for our students to ride.  Many of the horses in our lesson program are also rescues, or they were foaled and trained by Michelle here at Pine Trails Ranch.

Chiva is a flashy, Morgan/Trakehner mare who was foaled here at Pine Trails Ranch.  She is currently competing in jumpers with Colette.

Wren is Michelle’s riding horse and a lovely Morgan mare.


​Faire is a tall, handsome 4 year old Morgan/Trakehner gelding who was foaled at Pine Trails Ranch.  He is in training as a hunter and as a dressage horse.  He will be competing this year in Dressage with Michelle.



Filante is a tall sweet 3 year old Morgan/Trakehner mare who was foaled at Pine Trails Ranch.  She is starting her training in the long lines and under saddle this year.   


Champ is a mellow 7 year old thoroughbred gelding who used to be a racehorse, but didn't like to go fast.  He is now in training for a new career as a hunter.  

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