Horse Boarding serving Davis, Sacramento, Woodland & Vacaville
Pine Trails Ranch Offers:

  • Trainer and managers live on the premises.  Horses are checked frequently.
  • A balanced diet of grain hay and Alfalfa.
  • Mineral enriched salt blocks and automatic watering systems.
  • The Ranch Farrier is scheduled weekly for your convenience.
  • On call ranch veterinarians for all of your needs.
  • Regular vaccination and dental clinics to help you reduce cost.
  • Boarders receive discounted lessons and clinics.
  • Boarders are invited to participate in ranch activities including organized trail rides, horse shows, and more!
  • Boarding is available in stalls, pastures, and paddocks.
  • Chiropractic Clinics, pulse magnet therapy available.
  • Show team that attends local shows and has fun together.


  • Matted Stalls bedded on shavings
  • Lighted covered arena
  • Large outdoor lighted all purpose arenas
  • Large outdoor lighted dressage arena
  • Round pen
  • Trails on and around the ranch
  • Lighted tack rooms & lockers
  • Trailer Storage
  • Grazing Areas
  • Wash racks

Pricing: Cash or Check-  Due to hay prices and increases in power and other costs- board has increased.

​​                            Boarding                                                                                                             Price
Pasture – Three acre dry lot pastures                                                           $355/mo.
                            Stalls – 12ft. by 12ft. with 12ft. outside run                                                  $530/mo.
                            Stalls – 14ft. by 16ft. full cover stalls                                                              $580/mo.
​                            Stalls – 12ft. x 12ft. covered with 24ft. outside run and fully matted      $580/mo.

Pasture horses are split up by sex and aggression level.
All horses are required to be vaccinated and dewormed according to a basic minimum standard set forth by the management to promote better ranch-wide health in all of our animals.

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