What to Bring to Camp

  • Long pants – no shorts or capri’s! These are unsafe for riding.
  • Socks
  • Water Bottle
  • Packed lunch
  • Filled out copy of our Riding Release Form if the student will be dropped off for camp by someone other than their parent or guardian.  Students will not be allowed on a horse unless we have a signed copy of this form.  We will have copies available during check in for students who will be dropped off by parents or guardians.​


Camp students labeling the parts of the horse.


  • Comfortable, sturdy, closed toe shoes – students must wear riding boots (provided by PTR) when handling horses, but may prefer to wear their own shoes when not riding.
  • Sunscreen
  • Raincoat (Holiday camps only)
  • Potluck item to share on Friday – on the last day of camp we have a lunch potluck.  Students often enjoy bringing something to share.

Provided by PTR  (No need to bring, but if you already have these, feel free to bring them)

  • Riding Boots – Must have a half inch heel
  • Riding Helmet – Safety standards on horseback riding helmets are higher than most bicycle helmets.  Students will not be allowed to use bicycle helmets unless they meed riding helmet safety standards.

Week 1:         June 10-14       Main Classroom – Beginner  / adv beginner    Full
                                                  Classroom B – No Session      

Week 2:         June 17 - 21   Main Classroom – Advanced Beginner  Full
               CIT week                     Classroom B –  Beginner - Full
Week 3:         June 24 - 28    Main Classroom – Advanced Beginner - ​Full
              CIT week                      Classroom B – Beginner  - Full

Week 4:         July 1 - 5          Main Classroom – Beginner ​- Full
                                           Classroom B – Low Intermediate- 2 spaces available

Week 5:         July 8 - 12        Main Classroom – Advanced Beginner- ​one space open
                CIT week                     Classroom B – beginner​- Full

Week 6:        July 15 - 19      Main Classroom – Beginner - Full
                                                Classroom B – Low Intermediate- ​2 spaces open

Week 7:        July 22 - 26      Main Classroom – Advanced Beginner - Full
                  CIT week                   Classroom B – Beginner  - full

Week 8:        July 29- Aug 2   Main Classroom – Low Intermediate full
                                                Classroom B –Advanced Beginner  full

Week 9:      Aug 5 - 9  Main Classroom – Begin Full / Adv. Beginner - full
                                                     Classroom B – Advanced Intermediate 1 space

Week 10:   August  12 -16    Main Class – Beginner 1 space / Adv. Beginner - 
                     CIT week                   Classroom B – Low Intermediate  

Week 11:    August  19- 23      Main Classroom –Low Intermediate  2 spaces open
                          CIT week                      Classroom B – Adv. Beginner- ​full

Please contact us for availability of the CIT program.  Weeks will be available throughout the summer, but CIT groups vary in riding level depending on the concurrent levels of camp, so it is best to discuss your student's needs with PTR to select the best week.

Pine Trails Summer Camp Registration Open!

Camp Riding Level Descriptions
Beginners Camp
For kids who are new riding or have ridden only occasionally. They will learn to groom their horse, tack up, and to ride at the walk and trot. They will also learn to bathe their horse, the parts of the horse, colors, markings, and about English and western tack and how it’s used and maintained.  Students learn about bits and how they work as well as alternatives such as hackamores.  They will also learn about the basic needs of their horse including feeding, bathing, foot care, and vet care.

Advanced Beginners Camp

For kids who have ridden before and are not fearful. Students must have tried trotting and want to do more.  They will continue to learn care of the horse and to ride at the walk, trot, and perhaps some cantering or loping. They will learn all the things taught in the beginners class as well as cost of horse ownership and ways to ride and work with horses without owning a horse.  They also learn how to see things from the horse's perspective for better empathy.

Low Intermediate Camp
For kids who trot well and know their diagonals. Students must be able to trot a figure 8 pattern and should have tried a lope or canter and want to do more.  The students will be working on trotting pole courses, small jumps, and trail obstacles and good control at the lope or canter. They will also continue to build on their horse knowledge by learning about the conformation of the horse and what can happen when the parts don’t go together right. They learn that some horses have limitations, but can have a happy life if we respect that. They will also learn about types of shoes and why some horses need different shoes or others don’t need any. The students will also learn about basic first aid and how to bandage a horse and much more.  For some fun, we will be learning a little about how to ride bareback, and how to do carrot stretches with their horses for fun and stretching their horse.

Advanced Intermediate Camp
For kids who are riding regularly and can trot and canter patterns well. Students must ride over obstacles and have good speed control at the trot and canter.  We will be working on good balance and control over jumps and obstacles and riding at shows. The students will also learn about horse lameness and how to select a horse that should be sound for the type of riding they would like to do. They will also learn about how to keep a horse fit and presentable for competition or strenuous riding. The students will also learn about horse careers and hobbies that they might enjoy such as search and rescue, equine rehabilitation, and others.  They will also try more bareback riding and learn some good techniques to help their horses and themselves warm up for strenuous work.

Counselor in Training
This program is designed for older youths age 12 and over, who are experienced riders. This program provides students with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. CITs will assist counselors with grooming, saddling, as well as helping with lessons and trail rides. CITs will also work on improving their own horsemanship skills in a daily semi-private riding lesson.  This program is a great way for young riders to increase their horsemanship experience and confidence as well as learning valuable skills in working with young student riders.  To be eligible for the CIT program, students must be at least 12 years of age and have completed the highest level of camp offered in the week they are attending, or have equivalent experience and specific approval of PTR.  CIT cost is just $330 for the week.

Pine Trails Ranch Horse Camps
Pine Trails Ranch Horse Camps have programs for Ages 7 to 16 with all levels of experience from beginners to advanced riders. Our camp program includes daily riding lessons as well as hands on educational activities where students learn learning proper etiquette, safety, and care of the animals.  Daily exercises in the camp activities book help the kids learn about horses and provide a keepsake after the camp is over. Campers are exposed to English and Western styles of riding with the choice to ride either way.  We offer camps during the summer and during many school holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks.

​We also offer a Counselor in Training program, designed for older students with extensive riding experience.  The fee for CIT camp is a bit less.  CIT is $360 per week and the deposit is $50.  CIT participants must get approval of Pine Trails Instructor prior to enrollment.

Registration OPEN!
We are currently accepting registration for our summer break camps .


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Dr. Valcheck teaching the kids about “teeth floating”, a routine equine dental procedure.


Each summer camp session runs Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM each day. Campers should be dropped off by 9:00 AM and must be picked up by 4:30 PM. Price for camp is $400 per session.  We offer an early enrollment discount of $20 if you sign up before May 1st, so get your signups in fast!

Registration OPEN!

To begin your Summer Camp registration, please call 530-756-2042 or email horses@ptranch.com to pre-register***.  Then, to complete your registration download and complete our Camp Registration Form 2019 and mail it, along with a deposit of $100 per session to: 35270 County Road 31, Davis, CA 95616-9430.  When we receive you deposit, you will receive an email conformation, so please call if you do not receive this.  Deposits are non refundable once space is confirmed.  All special needs or learning difficulties must be discussed before registration.

***We do request that all students pre-register prior to sending in their registration form.  This allows us to ensure availability of the requested weeks, and to evaluate the riding levels of students prior to registration.  It is important for students riding development that they are signed up for an appropriate level of camp, as students in camps above their comfort level can quickly lose confidence.  Please read the riding level descriptions carefully and discuss any questions relating to your student’s riding level with us at pre-registration and make us aware of any special needs or learning difficulties.  We will try to accommodate registrations sent in without pre-registration, but can not guarantee your student will be placed in the requested level or week unless we receive pre-registration.***