Every Horse Has Strengths and Weaknesses

Michelle Haseltine and her team work with each horse using classical training methods to determine its particular talents. This helps eliminate the frustration, discomfort, and unwillingness that a horse may exhibit when being forced to try and perform in an area for which it is not suited or at a level the horse is not ready for. We also consider whether the horse needs chiropractic care or specialized shoeing. Many horses who are considered unwilling or disobedient are experiencing discomfort of some kind.  Michelle has years of experience with biomechanics and can help your horse develop steadily and become a wonderful partner for you.

Pine Trails Ranch also offers bio pulse magnetic therapy for your horse. For a small fee your horse can get treatments designed to ease the sore muscles he may develop when going back to work, or beginning training. Stephan Peters and Debbie MacDonald both recommend this product. It is also very helpful for horses rehabilitating from injuries.

“He’s just not willing.”
      “That’s just the way he is.”
            “There’s nothing you can do about it.”
                  “You just need a new horse.”

Sound familiar?  Then consider Michelle’s Training Program.


  • You do not need artificial training devices to force your horse into frame.
  • How a balanced riding position, along with light aids, can eliminate the need for gimmicks, and the temptation to take shortcuts.
  • How to help your horse become enthusiastic and willing to perform at his or her best.
  • How to break down the barriers that have kept you and your horse from reaching your goals and forming a successful partnership.  Too many people are told to blame the horse and try to buy another one, only to be disappointed.

​Training Options

​​                              Full Training: $450      4 - 5 days per week
                              Half Training: $300     2.5 days per week
​                              Individual Rides         Contact for details
​                              Magnetic Therapy      Only $100 additional to training fees

​Magnetic Therapy Option:  Horse will receive regular big pulse magnetic therapy treatments, which will help keep your horse’s muscles loose and healthy.  Bio Pulse has been recommended by Olympic riders, such as Steffen Peters and Debbie McDonald.

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In 2010, Michelle entered a Trainers challenge at the June Horse Expo. She was given a young horse that was a rescue and needed training. Porsche was said to be difficult to handle when Michelle started, but was very gentle by the time of the competition and was immediately adopted by a trainer’s daughter in Santa Rosa. Here they are competing at the Horse Expo.