Our Leasing Program:
We offer a comprehensive and surprisingly affordable program of monthly leases and half leases. Leases are designed to allow clients all of the benefits of horse ownership without the large financial responsibility.

This program presents the opportunity to develop a relationship and bond with a horse that is not normally possible when just taking lessons. Young people benefit both from the responsibility of taking care of an animal and the self confidence gained by achieving their goals.  They develop their independence and self discipline by determining what they need to practice and arranging their schedule to do it and their creativity by thinking of ways to  improve their riding.

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Adults benefit from the stress relief that horses can provide and also from the limberness and physical conditioning obtained from regular riding. Riding exercises all major muscle groups and is weight bearing so its good for bone development.  Riding develops and preserves good balance and helps exercise the brain as well as the body which is why it is often recommended for people with neurological challenges.

Leasing is also strongly encouraged for aspiring hunter/jumper riders and dressage riders as a way to help develop the muscle strength and fitness needed to truly hold a safe and effective position.  Riding is a sport and all athletes know you cannot become strong enough to compete without consistent practice.

What is Involved:
Leasing a horse means that you do not buy a horse, do not have to feed, and do not need to buy tack. You just need to love horses and have a desire to learn! You must be able to saddle your horse and ride without assistance. (We are generally around for a bit of help.)
Whether you are a novice, or an advanced rider, we have a horse to suit you. Every effort is made to make sure that you are matched with the right horse. We want you to have a horse that you can enjoy and learn from.

If you are interested in leasing a horse, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We fill up fast, and operate on a first come first serve basis. Call 530-756-2042

All equipment is supplied with the lease, including saddles, bridles, and more at no additional cost. Lessons when a horse is leased are $45 for semi-private or $65 for private.  A lesson card has 5 lessons on it, and will save you additional money.

A half lease allows the rider 3 days/week with the horse. Half leased horses are available for you to use any time on your days. Regular lessons are required, but you choose group or private.
Half lease Prime Season (May-August) – $360/month
Half lease Off Season (Sept-April) – $310/month
(Half lease also pays farrier costs of either $30/month for shoeing or $20/ trimming.)

A full lease includes full use of the horse 7 days/week.  Full leased horses have only one lessee.
Full lease Off Season (Sept-April) – $475/month
Full lease Prime Season (May-August) – $520/month
(Full lease also pays farrier costs of either $50/month for shoeing or $35/ trimming.)

You may also just take lessons if your schedule is too busy for a lease.  The fees are $65 for a semi-private, or $86 for a private lesson.  Family and group discounts are available.