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Pony Ride Birthday Parties –
(Cash or Check) 
 Currently not available due to Covid
Pony Ride Parties incorporate pony rides into your birthday party. The ponies are led by an instructor of Pine Trails Ranch while the party guests ride. In this kind of party the guests don’t have to actually control the horses. This party type is well suited for very large groups or groups of very young children who are not coordinated enough to guide the horses themselves.
The cost for this type of party is normally $90 per pony used per hour (cash or check discount) and $93 per pony used per hour (credit card). The minimum charge is for one hour. The number of ponies used depends on the number of guests and how long each guest wants to ride. All riders wear protective helmets while riding. Our outdoor party area with tables and seating is included free!

All birthday parties at Pine Trails Ranch are welcome to use our facilities for serving cake, opening presents, etc. Let us know what we can do to help.
Give us a call for more information. 530-756-2042

Group Lesson Birthday Parties
Group Lesson Pony Parties incorporate actual group lessons into your birthday party. In this type of party all guests get to aid in caring for their assigned horse or pony, they also get a basic safety course, and after that they get to go out to the arena to ride. They are instructed on basic riding skills at both walk and trot as well as basic control and steering skills. A short trail ride is within the judgment of the instructor as to whether the guests have mastered basic skills enough to leave the arena safely.
The maximum number of guests that can ride in a lesson is five, but we can run two groups at a time, with different instructors, for a maximum of eight to ten guests at a time. Multiple sessions are possible to accommodate more guests. The cost of this type of party is dependent on the number of guests attending.

  • 4 or fewer Guests- $55 per each guest (cash or check discount); $58 per each guest (credit card)
  • 5 to 10 Guests- $50 per each guest (cash or check discount); $53 per each guest (credit card)