A wonderful Appaloosa mare whose owner was unable to care for her.  She does both English and western.

​Annie is a lovely Arabian/quarter horse mare who was given to Pine Trails for our lesson program.  She is very calm and well mannered, and many of our beginners enjoy this sweet horse.   She has a nice trot and is perfect for kids learning how to canter.

A sturdy Quarter horse gelding who is very comfortable and mellow to ride.  Bailey does dressage basics, small jumps, and western.  He was donated to our program when his owner moved to another country and could not take him with her.

A beautiful Morgan mare Michelle bought as a green broke teenager.  Beauty was not fully trained as a youngster, and Michelle wanted to fix that.  She now does western and Hunt seat and is safe for both kids and adult riders.

Bella is a Hanoverian mare who was imported when she was younger.  She was never well trained, and was in danger when Michelle and Matt were contacted about her.  She was carefully conditioned and trained and is now a wonderful lesson horse and now has had a foal by our stallion Flirt.  Bella is super dependable and has a forever home here at Pine Trails Ranch.

Blue is a cute little Welsh Arabian cross pony.
Our beginners enjoy learning how to trot and post on him.  He has a nice canter too and likes small jumps.

​Competing in Southern California
Brittany is a gorgeous, sporty mare that is ridden by our advanced riders.
She has a beautiful, smooth jump and is well trained in dressage through second level.

The flashy mare is a newer addition to our program (2016).  Her previous owner was unable to ride her and could not find a buyer since she had not been ridden for a time.  We purchased her and have been training her for the program.  She likes to jump and is really smart and fun to ride.  She is super sweet also and we are very excited to see her develop.

Dazzle is the perfect horse for advanced beginners and low intermediate riders who want to improve their seat and learn how to jump.
She came to Pine Trails Ranch as a rescue when she was injured at the race track.

A pure Morgan mare with wonderful bloodlines who needed a home.  Since she was older, no one was giving her a chance.  Her experience gives our students a great learning opportunity.

One of our stallions daughters we are just so attached to.  She was his smallest warmblood baby, which was great for our students.  Available for lease.

Ford is our resident big, friendly giant.  He is a very mellow guy, who is enjoyed by our advanced beginner and intermediate riders.
Ford has a smooth canter and is super calm with our beginners.

Gino is a talented thoroughbred gelding who is ridden by our more advanced students. His confirmation is impeccable-and he does very well at the shows.  *See Gino on our sales page.

A Pure Morgan gelding who came to us when his owner’s health made his care difficult for her to maintain.  He loves to do both English and western and is great with the kids and adults at Pine Trails.


Hercules is a fun Anglo Arabian gelding who is enjoyed by our advanced beginner and intermediate riders. He loves to canter and jump and the kids love his sweet disposition.

A quarter horse mare who has a genetic defect which caused her sinus to grow crooked.  She was poorly trained, and her crooked sinus made people uninterested in working with her.  We took her in and she has become a very loved lesson horse.  She is smooth to trot and has learned to canter and is very comfy to ride bareback even.  The kids all learn from her not to judge a book by it’s cover.

​Junior Mint
Junior is a quick and spunky little Welsh pony that our advancing students love to ride. He may be small, but he has a big jump and he shines in the show ring.

Kiro is the perfect beginner to intermediate horse.  He is an Arabian gelding who has taught many beginners how to post and start cantering.
Despite being the son of a national champion Spanish Arabian stallion, Kiro came to Pine Trails as a rescue.



Manly is a quarter pony gelding who was in need of a home.  He is missing his right eye, and people were hesitant to give him a chance.  We brought him to Pine Trails and he has become a great pony for the kids.

Merlin is a Highlander Pony (a draft pony), given to Pine Trails in 2009.
He has a sweet temperament and is enjoyed by our advanced beginner students. He has nice, smooth gaits and a cute jump.

​PD (Power Dancer)
​PD is a Thoroughbred mare who was rescued off the race track.  She was successful at the track, but her owners knew she would break down.
She is a great horse for advanced beginner and intermediate hunter riders.  She has a wonderful, smooth canter and loves to jump.

​Peaches is a Trakehner mare who is ridden by our intermediate and advanced students.  She was a rescue originally when her previous owner was unable to care for her.  She came to Pine Trails very underweight, but looks great now.  Peach loves to jump and does dressage basics.  Available for lease.


Scruff- available for lease

A fun little quarter horse for the low intermediate riders.  He is an approximately 15 yr old gelding who needed more care than his old owners could provide.  Scruff is now fit and retrained for English riding.  The kids enjoy his perky disposition and can do attitude.

Sophie is a sweet little Arabian mare who was plucked out of the killer buyers reach at an auction by Auction horse rescue. She then came to Pine Trails Ranch and has become a well loved member of the lesson program.

​​Sox is a fun Morgan/Quarter Horse gelding who is enjoyed by our beginner through intermediate riders.  He has a nice, smooth trot for our beginner students, a rocking horse canter for our advanced beginners, and an awesome jump for our intermediate students. He goes both English and Western and he loves getting attention for our students here at Pine Trails.




Vixen is a nice Morgan/Quarter Horse mare who is ridden by our advanced beginner students. She has an amazingly smooth gait and is a great horse to learn how to canter on.



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Pine Trails has a variety of well trained horses of every level in our lesson program.  As most will tell you, every horse teaches you something different. Our horses have been professionally trained to be safe, friendly and fun for our students to ride.  Many of the horses in our lesson program are also rescues, or they were foaled and trained by Michelle here at Pine Trails Ranch.